2019 USA Tour Under Way

By Mai 23, 2019 Januar 24th, 2020 Video

The 2019 tour of the United States kicked off early on Tuesday morning when the FC St. Pauli delegation left Hamburg for New York via Frankfurt.

On arrival at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Marvin Knoll, Robin Himmelmann & Co. travelled by bus to the team hotel. There was then time for nothing more than a quick breather before the next item on the agenda, a short walk to the nearby Times Square.

Once there the Boys in Brown were met with a familiar sight when at 19.10 local time (when else?!), the St. Pauli skull and crossbones lit up the square above the Levi’s store! After a shopping tour of the store, the Boys in Brown enjoyed an ice cream break at Ben & Jerry’s.

A long day ended with a sunset barbecue on the roof terrace of the team hotel.

Photos: FC St. Pauli