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St. Pauli supports Sea-Watch

Sea-Watch is a german initiative that, in 2014, grew out of volunteers who could not stand on the sidelines witnessing people dying in the Mediterranean Sea any longer.

„We are trying to fill the gap of an institutionalised, comprehensive sea rescue with a clear mandate as long as possible and within the realms of our possibilities. We consider this to be our humanitarian duty. However, the fact that private organisations take over sea rescue in the Mediterranean instead of states cannot and should not become a permanent state! We call for an international, institutionalised sea rescue with a clear mandate and, in the long term, above all legal and secure entry routes for those seeking protection in the sense of a #SafePassage.“ it says on their website.

After rescuing thousands of people already Sea-Watch decided to launch a new boat and therefore mission in 2017. With the Sea-Watch 3, a 55m long boat, that is more fail-safe, they guarantee faster, safer and more efficient help in the event of a boat accident. Above all, however, this will enable them to adequately care for significantly more people than they could care for beforehand.

From November 2017 to January 2018, the Sea-Watch 3 alone was involved in rescuing approximately 1,500 people.

The Sea-Watch 3 patrols the Libyan 24 nautical mile zone and actively searches for boats in distress. From Malta it sets sail with Sea-Watches mostly volunteer crew. „As soon as we have reached the search area, we start following a search pattern. The search is carried out using radar, binoculars and other technical aids such as specially developed extremely high-resolution camera systems.“ When finding a signal they then drive as quickly as possible to the reported positions and search there for the boat in distress. If we find a boat, we will immediately initiate the necessary rescue measures.

Especially in the winter months their commitment is vital. Smaller rescue ships will then no longer be able to operate safely in rough seas off the Libyan coast.

Sea-Watch is trying to save as many people as possible from death by drowning. They have so far been involved in the rescue of well over 35,000 people.

The FC St. Pauli wants to contribute and support this great cause, so refugees will not have to suffer even more! These men and women have suffered too much already, have fled from wars and supression in their countries.
The club as a dedicated social protagonist with all its committees, all its employees and its departments can’t and will not watch how people are dying, when their survival could be guaranteed through simple measures. Most of the club’s members and employees have been involved in charitable activities for many years. The motto: „Kein Mensch ist illegal“ (No human is illegal) is not just a phrase that’s put up on our Nordkurve. It’s something the club lives by.

We are explicitly supporting the initiative #togetherforrescue and want to express our solidarity with all sea rescue missions. We are therefore calling for donations to our partner Sea-Watch. If you are interested in helping feel free to click here.