Portland and US Tour Recap

By Mai 28, 2018 Januar 24th, 2020 Video

A trip we won’t forget!

The boys in brown, visited Portland as their last stop on their US Tour in May 2018. Afterwards they flew back home to Hamburg. Here is a short recap of the last days and a few quotes from president Oke Göttlich and coach Markus Kauczinski.

Portland is probably one of the cities that changed most rapidly after the financial crisis in the 1970’s; and is still constantly progressing in different ways.

For example – and that is also one reason why the delegation of FC St. Pauli decided to stop here – Portland has the first openly homosexual mayor – Sam Adams. He, as a keen bicyclist and environmentalist, pushed the efforts done by the government that ruled after the crisis even more. After the economic crisis the government strategically changed the city to the better. They introduced a deposit system, made room for recreational cites and expanded the public transport system, to only name a few. These measures can still be seen to this day and are kept alive by the current mayor.

Portland is also known for its rich culture. One might even say it is strongly influenced by European cities. There are over 65 breweries in the city with a big tendency for Craft Beer – innovative and creative; there is a big culture of street food around the city and there are many options to do sports.
That said, Portland is also pretty big with sports on a professional level and – most importantly – soccer (or football as we’d say). It’s one of the few American cities to have its own soccer stadium close to downtown. Their team, the Portland Timbers, have been part of MLS since 2011 and the fan base is strong and still growing.

„We met so many great, friendly and welcoming people on our trip through the USA. Especially Detroit and Portland were extremely hospitable!” says coach Markus Kauczinski. The team was blown away by how many fans and supporters they found on their journey.
The vibe of the club and Timber Army (the clubs fans) is what brought FC St. Pauli to play in Portland, as well. They share similar values and root for their team as hard as they can, when going to the stadium. It’s needless to say that the intensity of the second game of the boys in brown in the US was very high. In the end FC St. Pauli’s fans were asked to join the Timbers Army to celebrate the game together and wave the players good-bye.

“In the US the idea of football, sharing values and following a certain lifestyle also has a great meaning. We witnessed many community orientated projects initiated through football that go beyond sports.
With the Detroit City FC and the Portland Timbers we played two clubs who’s fan scenes are very close to our own.” says Oke Göttlich, President of FC St. Pauli conclusively. “The Timbers Army even named their ‘Fanladen’ after our very own.” That is definitely something to be proud of, since it means making an impact on football around the globe.

Unfortunately, the team of FC St. Pauli didn’t have time to spend more days in Portland. But the very welcoming people and how they cherished St. Pauli’s visit made up for the shortage of time. Thanks again for having us! Forza!