Presenting: The NordAmerikakurve – Detroit

By Mai 18, 2018 News, St.Pauli

Northern Guard Supporters with a heart for St. Pauli

This fan club is probably the newest addition of fan clubs to St. Pauli. You could say it started out from the growing effort of St. Pauli communicating in the United States and to start gaining ground there.

The club started growing pretty fast. Five people founded the club in March of this year, now there are 10+ regulars with the tendency of growth. Even though almost all of the guys watching St. Pauli games are also strong fans of Detroit City FC – also known as the Northern Guard Supporters – they share the same values. They are all vocal opponents of racism, sexism, fascism and all types of discrimination in the world and they back up their voices by individually contributing to causes local and abroad that fight those ideas.

Why they started doing this, if they already have a club to support in their hometown? Well, to them FC St. Pauli is something very sacred in all of sports. As Chris Copacea, one of the founders puts it: ‘It’s a club that has represented ideologies that we all align with ever since its supporters stood with the squatters on Hafenstraße. The supporters of St. Pauli demonstrate a level of support for their club and its community that we all admire, the ones that we have interacted with thus far have been incredibly warm, welcoming and supportive to us and last, but not least, the shared love of punk music by much of the fan base.’

Since everything they do is still in toddler shoes, charity work and other community based actions need some time to grow. They started with spending all their merchandise profits towards sponsoring a youth soccer team in Metro Detroit, so they can afford to play.

Of course all of the guys of the Detroit St. Pauli Fan Club are going to be at the game on May 19th, in their home stadium, it’s a very exciting event and everyone is thrilled. They need to decide which side they will cheer for (probably Detroit City FC). But since it’s a friendly all these likeminded people coming together will get along just fine and friendships will be made. Hopefully to the extend that the fan club members can fulfill their dream of coming to Hamburg and see an FC St. Pauli game at Millerntor.

Since everyone is so excited a member of the fan club even made / drew a match day poster (as it’s done at Millerntor for every home game) for the game! His name is Greg Szczotka a local Detroit artist.