Talco and St. Pauli – 10 years of political football punk

By Februar 1, 2018 Video

Talco’s new album – ‘And the Winner isn’t’ – will be released in a few days. For those who don’t know, Talco and St. Pauli have had a great friendship since 2008. Damo, the lead singer, was at St. Pauli for the first time and remembers: ’I fell in love with the fan scene at first site! I have never seen such a unique, anti-racist fan group before.’

This is how the friendship started. This lead to several smaller and bigger collabs, like a shared single in 2009, Talcos concert at the 100 year festival and other encounters.

Now, 10 years later, Talco is releasing their 10th Album “And the Winnter isn’t”. And what better way is there to collab and celebrate it together with FC St. Pauli!?

Despite all the fun and ease coming along with music and sports, not Talco nor St. Pauli forget all grievances in the world that accompany our lives and need constant admonition and remembrance. “To stand for ideals together with FC St. Pauli is a big honor for us, especially to spread antfascist and anti racist views in society that is living a more and more capitalist way of life in which the important and real things are brought out of focus…” says Damo.

Talcos whole album deals with subjects like human degradations, morally questionable behavior, political scandals and the definition of truth.

Stay tuned for more info and happenings around the collab!

You can order their full album here: https://smarturl.it/talco-winner

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