When it all comes down, can you say that you never gave up?

By November 5, 2017 Video

Football club FC St. Pauli and punk band Rise Against team up

What have you done to change your world for the better?

That’s the big question that each and every one of us has to face on a daily basis. Rise Against has been screaming this out loud for almost two decades, and the line from their song “The Eco-Terrorist In Me” sums up this existential fight we all face when singer Tim McIlrath screams “When it all comes down, can you say that you never gave up?” It’s up to individuals to stand up and fight for what one believes and not let the chance to do what’s right pass them by.

It’s quite obvious – FC St. Pauli and Rise Against speak the same language. Our values and political stances are in line, which is why we have teamed up to release a collaborative T-shirt and scarf. “Ever since we first started touring Europe, we couldn’t help but notice St. Pauli’s presence in the punk scene and it made us want to know more about why this sports team had won the hearts of so many people in our crowds,” Tim McIlrath says. “We soon learned that the FC St. Pauli was a team unlike any other. Like Rise Against, St. Pauli have taken hard stances against racism, sexism, fascism and homophobia, and we felt a kindred spirit with the team and its ethos. We’re proud to partner with a team that stands for so much more than sports.“ Both the scarf and the Rise Against/St. Pauli T-shirt, which features the mentioned line from the song that serves as the anthem and a call to action are now available at www.fcsp-shop.us.

Rise Against are from Chicago, Illinois and formed in 1999. Apart from their raucous mix of punk and hardcore they are famous for their political commitment. The group’s members are active supporters of organizations like Sea Shepherd and PETA, and in 2007 they teamed up with Vans to release a completely vegan shoe. Rise Against lyrics are full of social commentary and throughout the years the band has discussed economic injustice, homophobia, animal rights, modern warfare and political corruption.

When it all comes down, can YOU say that you never gave up?

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