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FCSP Buffalo – a youngster with attitude

The FCSP Buffalo fanclub, was founded by Ernie Thalhamer in August 2017. So it’s pretty much a newcomer in terms of a fanclub. But that doesn’t mean the people who form the club are not as engaged and motivated to not only live by a very similar ethos as the FC St. Pauli in Hamburg, but actually move things in the right direction (or should I say left direction?) with a lot of passion.

The 15 members of the club usually meet at Mès Que, a already football specific bar in Buffalo to watch the games. With everyone of them having a different reason why they became St. Pauli supporters and started coming to Mès Que, they starting getting active, instead of silently sitting side by side looking at the TV.
Their main common reason to be a St. Pauli supporter are the views and ethos of the club. For them it’s the perfect mix of sport and activism – also that St. Pauli actually lives and celebrates its views is something they want to spread in their community as well!

Especially with the current situation where right wing politics seem to have an increase in prosperity in the US and worldwide, the members of FCSP Buffalo felt the need to act. FCSP Buffalo does much more than just watch the games. They combine their efforts to help causes that they believe in. This years’ cause was to assist Journeys End, a local refugee services organization, in the creation of their refugee club.
Earlier this year they showed a documentary about FC Lampedusa, and as part of the event invited Journeys End to speak about Buffalo’s refugee population. After the documentary viewing, the organization approached them about their desire to start a team for refugees here in Buffalo. Since then, they have run fundraisers, equipment drives, and sold merchandise to raise funds in order to help get the team started. As of writing this, the team has been practicing in preparation to play this summer in a refugee day tournament held every year here in Buffalo.
They are in discussions about what their next cause will be. They plan to continue to use this club as a way to improve the community and do more than just watch FCSP.

With all their engagement to help the community, the members of the club are still very enthusiastic about the football and FC St. Pauli as a sports club. That means even travelling to Hamburg to watch a game and give their support. Even though St. Pauli lost that specific game it was really special. It’s an amazing experience to actually come and see the Millerntor Stadium, to feel the vibe and meet new people, making new friends from all over the world. It’s not always easy to support a far away club of the second devision Bundesliga. The end of the season was a nail biter. It was obvious that the players had the passion, and it was a massive relief when they were able to come together and pull themselves into safety.

Now, it’s even greater to be able to see the club travelling to the US. Everyone at FCSP Buffalo is very excited and believes that there are many more people in the US and Canada who can relate to St. Pauli’s views and ethos. It’s great for exposure on all ends and will hopefully create a stronger fanbase in North America, thus more good can be done in and outside of their communities!

FSCP Buffalo will be traveling to the game in Detroit as a club with 12 people to support the team!